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Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1: Can I purchase food on the train?

Answer 1: Yes, food can be purchased prior to boarding. You will be given a $10 meal voucher with your ticket for the purchase of food and/or non-alcoholic beverages. The voucher has no cash value. You can bring your own food and drink onboard the train with the exception of alcoholic beverages. Catering onboard is provided by the Mill Steakhouse and Bar. Should you have any special needs, we recommend you contact them directly at The Mill Steakhouse and Bar Contact: Josie Mazzuca - or


Question 2: What is your refund policy?

Answer 2: Refunds are allowed up to 14 days before travel date without penalty. Refunds within a 14-day of travel window and up to 2 days are subject to a 10% Trip Cancellation Fee. No refund 2 days prior to travel.


Question 3: Can I exchange my tickets for another date?

Answer 3: Exchanges are allowed, subject to availability, within the same season. If you are exchanging between seasons, the difference in price will be charged with no additional fees.


Question 4: Are pets allowed on the train?

Answer 4: No, pets are not allowed on the train. Service animals are permitted.


Question 5: Are passports or enhanced driver’s license needed for entry into Canada?

Answer 5: Passport are REQUIRED to enter into Canada. When crossing the international bridge, toll fee will apply. Enhanced Driver's License are also accepted. Please see this link for children under 16 and for any info about the Canadian border crossing . No passport needed for the train.


Question 6: Where is the train located?

Answer 6: The station depot is located at 87 Huron St in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, P6A 6Y2. (Sault is pronounced Sioux - like Sue)


Question 7: What currency are the tickets?

Answer 7: Ticket prices are in Canadian currency. Funds will be processed in Canadian currency. For exchange rates, please see


Question 8: How many trains operate daily?

Answer 8: 1 train and it departs at 0800 and returns at 1800. The train travels 228 Miles round trip.  From Sault. Ste. Marie to the Agawa Canyon and back and it layovers at Mile marker 114 at the Agawa Canyon for 90 minutes.


Question 9: When should I arrive to board the train?

Answer 9: The doors open 30 minutes before the scheduled excursion so the earlier the better.


Question 10: When is the train station open?

Answer 10: The train station is open from 7:00AM-7:00PM daily starting September 18 until October 12 during the tour season. All customers can pick their tickets up the day before until 7 pm.


Question 11: How can I find out if the leaves have started to change color?

Answer 11: You can visit


Question 12: How can I pay for my tickets?

Answer 12: You can pay with your Visa or Mastercard. All prices listed are in Canadian Dollars.


Question 13: Will I be able to purchase Gift Certificates?

Answer 13: NO


Question 14: Are packages being offered?

Answer 14: No, you must purchase your tickets at then contact the hotel separately.


Question 15: What will be the COVID measures? 

Answer 15: They will be established as per the provincial and federal recommended measures. 


Question 16: Is there internet or Wifi on the train?

Answer 16: There is no internet or Wifi on the train.


Question 17: What can we do in the Agawa Canyon Park?

Answer 17: There are several trails and a Lookout. The Lookout Trail has a panoramic view above the tracks, combination of 300 stairs and gravel paths. Approximately 80 stairs to the intermediate lookout and it will take approximately 20 minutes from the intermediate and 40 minutes to the top. The Lookout trails as well as the other trails are no longer than 1-2 kilometres. This includes the elevation and stairs. For more details on other trails, please visit


Question 18: Can we park at the train depot and is there any cost?

Answer 18: Parking is free at the depot. There is also sufficient space for RV parking however we are not responsible for the safety and protection of your vehicle.


Question 19: Are there restrooms on the train and in the Canyon?

Answer 19: Yes, there are restrooms on each coach and in the canyon.


Question 20: How does the seating work and what about the return trip?

Answer 20: Customers are assigned to a coach, which is general admission, but couples share a window. 


Question 21: Can I board the train with a wheelchair?

Answer 21: We have an ADA coach where wheelchair customers will be assigned along with their guests. Please contact to book those seats. Lifts are available at the Depot and the Canyon, tie-downs are available on the train. Motorized wheelchairs/scooters cannot be accommodated. Please see link for more details


Question 22: Can I take the ACR train from Toronto or Montreal?

Answer 22: No, you must either drive or fly to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada.


Question 23: Can I stay overnight in the Canyon?

Answer 23: No, there is no lodging for passengers in the Canyon.