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Tier Tours

Non-Peak Fares (CDN)  
2019 non-peak fares with voucher      Rates including taxes

Tier 1 - 1500+                                                       $87.00

Tier 2 - 750-1499                                                $90.25

Tier 3 - 250-749                                                  $93.50

Non-Peak Fares in Effect: June 18 - Sept 13, 2019

Peak Fares (CDN)

2019 peak fares with voucher              Rates including taxes

Tier 1 - 1500+                                                       $121.00

Tier 2 - 75-1499                                                  $125.50

Tier 3 - 250-749                                                  $130.00

Peak Fares in Effect: Sept 14 - Oct 15, 2019

All rates subject to 13% HST.
All Group rates include all age groups.

All fares include a $10 voucher redeemable on the train towards food and/or non-alcoholic beverages. No cash value.

To Book a Tier Tour

Bookings are accepted by email. We encourage you to submit your requests well in advance of your travel date, thereby allowing ample time to handle your request and meet your tour date.

Upon acceptance of your tour, a contract will be forwarded to you. The Railway reserves the right to accept or reject any group booking request. Please check your confirmation carefully to ensure that the date of your tour and the number of persons corresponds with your original request. Your bookings will be placed online and you will be given access to these bookings for payment and any changes. Any errors or discrepancies should be reported to our office immediately by phone or email and steps will be taken to make the necessary corrections.



Complimentary Group Escort Tickets

Tier Tours will receive two complimentary escort tickets per block of 50-56 tickets. The Railway can provide images and logos to assist with your promotion efforts.



Payments of the deposit and any subsequent balance shall be made out to Algoma Central Railway Inc. and can be made by MasterCard, Discover, or Visa and are payable in Canadian dollars. We also recommend our U.S. customers purchase Canadian dollars at U.S. financial institutions prior to arrival.



Payments for the non-peak period will need to be paid in full 30 days prior to the reserved date as to 60 days for out peak period. Once you have paid your bookings, out cancellation policy will apply. Any cancellation that you make will be charged a 10% fee up until the 7 days prior to your trip. No refund will be issued if cancellation is made within 7 days of the trip date.


Ticket Pick-up

Tour escorts may pick up tickets on the day prior to or before train departure the morning of the tour. If possible, we recommend that tour escorts pick up their group's tickets the day before their tour. Our Passenger Depot during this season is open daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Eastern.


Café Car Service

Meal requirements may be presented to the Railway at the time of booking. You may contact the Mill Steakhouse and Bar, who will be the caterer aboard the Agawa Canyon Tour Train, for specific information regarding meals and payment, we recommend you contact the caterer directly.

Mill Steakhouse and Bar Contact: Josie Mazzuca
Phone: 705-759-9090 or 705-297-1914

The Railway cannot accept payment for food services.