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Breathless Breathless

There are many words that can be used to describe Northern Ontario’s rugged beauty — awe-inspiring, astonishing and inspirational are just a few. There are just as many opportunities to experience and explore these incredible landscapes, and one of the more unique ways is aboard the one-day Agawa Canyon Tour Train that will leave you breathless.

All aboard! 

Departing from the Algoma Central Railway depot in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, this 114-mile excursion truly showcases the rugged beauty that is exclusive to the region. As you settle into your comfortable coach, you can feel the pace of life slow as the ride evokes a sense of simpler times while raising expectations of the journey that lies ahead.

Traces of city life soon fade away as the Northern Ontario wilderness begins to unfold outside the large tinted windows. The seemingly unending mixed forests of the Canadian Shield open up as you skirt the shores of northern lakes and rivers, cross towering trestles, and set eyes on the same rugged landscapes and majestic views that inspired the Group of Seven to create some of Canada’s most notable works of art.

As the train winds its way through this one-of-a-kind terrain, a GPS triggered commentary weaves the story of the region. Available in six languages including English throughout the coaches and in French, German, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin via wireless headsets, you’ll learn about upcoming points of interest as well as some of the rich history of the Ojibway, fur traders, explorers and entrepreneurs that opened up this vast wilderness. 

You know what they say about a picture. 

Just when you thought you’d experienced it all, the train starts its descent into the canyon at Mile 102. As the rail line hugs the top of the canyon wall, you’ll descend 500 feet over the next 10 miles to the floor of the Agawa Canyon, created more than 1.2 billion years ago by faulting and widened and reshaped by the last ice-age that retreated 10,000 years ago.

As the train pulls to a stop at Mile 114, you’ll have an hour-and-a-half to experience the ‘jewel’ of the tour—Agawa Canyon Park. Enjoy scenic walks on gravelled trails leading to several waterfalls or experience the invigorating climb up over 300 stairs to the breathtaking Lookout perched 250 feet above the canyon floor. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, you can enjoy a quiet lunch in the many picnic areas located throughout the park or just pull up a bench and watch the Agawa River flow peacefully by.